Lake Superior Circle Tour #Ride2Walk – August 2016

Bob Johnson is biking 1,300 miles solo around Lake Superior to raise awareness for Operation Walk Chicago!

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What is Operation Walk Chicago?

  • Operation Walk Chicago provides joint replacement and rehabilitation to disadvantaged patients around the world

Who is Bob Johnson?

  • Physical Therapist, Co-owner of Achieve Orthopedic Rehab and lead physical therapist for Operation Walk since 2005

Why is he doing this?

  • Bob is trying to raise awareness for a cause he is passionate about by doing something he loves to do.

When is his ride?

  • Bob has termed this a “Slow-Good” ride.  His solo journey will begin August 2016 and end when he completes the 1,300 miles.
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Come back to see where Bob is in his journey around Lake Superior and pictures from his ride!