See Us in Action

See Us in Action

Mar 01, 2017

Operation Walk Chicago in Recife, Brazil

Emotional farewell from our dear patients, hospital staff and volunteers at Dom Helder Hospital in Recife, Brazil.

Jan 19, 2017

UOL 20 anos

Operation Walk Chicago will perform free surgeries at the Dom Helder Camara Hospital

An origin story of our trip to Recife, Brazil.

Jan 21, 2017

G1 Pernambuco

A joint effort to perform hip surgeries for free in 40 PE patients

A short news segment on our work in Recife, Brazil. [In Portuguese]

Jan 21, 2017

JC News

Operation Walk performs free surgeries at Dom Helder Hospital

A heartwarming account of our time in Recife, Brazil by a local newspaper.

May 14, 2015

Chicago Tribune

Chicago-area Doctors aid victims of Earthquakes in Nepal

May 13, 2015

Chicago Tonight/WTTW-11

Local Doctor on Treating Earthquake Victims in Nepal

Just back from Nepal yesterday, we speak with a local doctor who was in Nepal providing knee and hip replacements. We get the latest from her on the unfolding humanitarian crisis. Joining us is orthopedic surgeon Victoria Brander.

May 13, 2015

ABC 7 Eyewitness News


Dr. Victoria Brander, a physical rehabilitation physician at Northshore Orthopaedic Institute, recently returned from Nepal, where she treated earthquake victims.

May 13, 2015

ABC News

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May 13, 2015


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May 13, 2015

WGN Midday News

Dr. Scott Cordes, live, on the phone from Nepal,S,201505,F2AD7611-CC4E-4A87-8C15-EDF439D7843B&ReqServer;=NDS5NDS5&QueryName;=NorthShore%20University%20HealthSystem&Offset;=910&rai;=a8d5a995-a98e-41c6-a2eb-4fd0b35b19c0&ran;=Media%20Monkey%20Biz&roi;=a8d5a995-a98e-41c6-a2eb-4fd0b35b19c0&ron;=Media%20Monkey%20Biz&run;=&rut;=0&E;=12gfr7Jc(Vie2WJfr*I7HWJl2WIf(i&Time;=12gf(74f(744c74S(74fb74f(74f(7xf(i&Related;=PV_2&pbp;=Y

May 05, 2015

Fox News

Nepal Earthquake Relief Stories

Sep 21, 2012

Chicago Tribune

Walk-off victories

Local team repairing joints for free helps abused, crippled Nepalese victim of human trafficking back to her feet; case shines a light on plight of slaves worldwide

Mar 23, 2011

WTTW Chicago Tonight

Operation Walk

A local group of physicians, who volunteer their time to do free joint replacement surgeries in poor countries around the world, have now brought the program home to Chicago. Elizabeth Brackett reports.

Aug 02, 2011

Chicago Tribune

Operation Walk Chicago helps needy afford restorative procedures

Chicago surgeons try to fill gap in joint replacements

Aug 20, 2007

Health and Fitness Times

Walking on Sunshine

Chicago surgeons try to fill gap in joint replacements

Aug 31, 2007

Office of Governor Pat Quinn

Operation Walk | Lt. Governor Pat Quinn – Standing Up for Illinois

On Thursday, August 23, 2007, Lt. Governor Pat Quinn will join with a volunteer medical team from Illinois that will be traveling to Ecuador in November on a medical mission to perform 45 knee replacements on impoverished patients who otherwise could not afford joint replacement surgery.

Mar 25, 2008

EVA Newsletter

Ecuadorian Volunteers Association Newsletter

Dec 24, 2007

EVA Newsletter

Ecuadorian Volunteers Association Newsletter

Mar 20, 2006

EVA Newsletter

Ecuadorian Volunteers Association Newsletter

Aug 09, 2006

Press Release

Chicago Surgeons to Perform Over 80 Surgeries in China

Northwestern Physicians to bring life-changing hip and knee replacements to the disabled

Oct 12, 2006

West China School of Medicine

Operation Walk at West China Hospital of Sichuan University;=2&SmallClassID;=23&SpecialID;=0/

Nov 06, 2006

China Press

China News Article

Dec 31, 2005

Press Release

Northwestern Physicians to bring life-changing hip and knee replacements to Central China

60 Joint Replacements in one Grueling and Inspiring week

May 31, 2005

Northwestern University

Arthritis Sufferers in China to Get Western Help

Aug 14, 2005

China Press

China News Article