Your donation will help a suffering patient walk again.

Hip and knee replacement surgeries are considered the most cost-effective orthopedic surgery available, transforming lives, reducing pain and returning patients to active, pain-free lives. However, because of equipment costs and complexity, these surgeries are rare in low-resource communities. In the United States, average fees for these surgeries can run as high as $70K. However, through our extended network of dedicated volunteers and the generosity of industry partners, Operation Walk Chicago’s average cost per surgery is about $2300, translating into a highly cost-effective intervention. Operation Walk Chicago has no religious or political affiliation, and is funded almost entirely by donations from private individuals. These donations are used almost exclusively for direct patient care – each year, less than 10% goes to administrative overhead.

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Operation Walk Chicago is a not for profit, 501(c) 3 corporation; your donation is tax deductible. Operation Walk Chicago accepts donations of securities and bequests.

Unfortunately, Operation Walk is not able to ship used medical equipment or unused medications, therefore we cannot accept those donations. If you wish to donate used medical equipment, Project Cure is a well established charitable institution that may be able to accept the donation. You can find more information about Project Cure at: